Five Unexpected Places Where You Should Put A First Aid Kit

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Five Unexpected Places Where You Should Put A First Aid Kit

7 November 2017
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If you're like most homeowners, you've already got a good first aid kit in your home so that you can deal with minor cuts, scrapes, and other conditions such as contact dermatitis in a timely fashion. You probably keep it in your kitchen or bathroom and make certain that it's well-stocked and that items are replenished after they are used, and chances are good that you've got a smaller version of your household first aid kit in your vehicle. 

However, your home and car aren't the only places where a first aid kit is useful and appropriate. Following are just five of the many places where a good first aid kit will come in handy and/or be appreciated by others. 

Under the Holiday Tree

A good first aid kit makes a great gift for a variety of people. Perhaps you've got a senior or a student in your life who's on a limited budget and may not have the financial resources to put together the type of first aid kit that every household should have. Gifting someone with a first aid kit shows that you care by giving them something practical that serves to promote their general well being. 

As a Housewarming Gift

Most people bring a bottle of good wine or a trendy kitchen gadget to a typical housewarming party, but a first aid kit makes a unique-but-useful gift for those who may not have yet found the time to stock their home with this type of essential. This gift works best when the recipient is setting up house for the first time, such as a recent college graduate who's just beginning their journey with the world of independent living as an adult. 

In the Donation Box 

Low income families frequently find themselves running short of basic first aid supplies in favor of purchasing food and other basic essentials for their households. A well-stocked first aid kit is a very welcome addition in homes where funds usually don't allow for the purchase of these items. Parents shouldn't have to go without being able to supply a child with a simple bandaid in the event of a cut or scrape, but it happens all too often. Your simple donation can make a real difference in the everyday life of an economically disadvantaged household. 

In Your College-Bound Child's Luggage

If your child is headed to college in the near future, you're undoubtedly in the middle of preparing to equip him or her with the essentials necessary for college life. If your child will be taking a vehicle to college, it's possible that you haven't given much thought to putting together a first aid kit -- after all, you probably already know that the dorms will have first aid kits on hand and that the school will have a student health center. However, college students should also have at least basic first aid kits in their rooms in order to quickly handle minor mishaps. 

In Your Suitcase or Backpack

Keeping a small first aid kit in your suitcase or backpack helps ensure that you're prepared when you travel. If you're like most people, you often forget these items when the time comes to pack for your next adventure. Keeping a kit containing the basics in your luggage at all times saves you time when packing and prevents the possibility that you'll forget to pack a first aid kit at all. 

Purchasing first aid kits in bulk provides a great way to take care of many birds with one stone. Please don't hesitate to contact your local medical equipment supplier for more information on the benefits of buying first aid kits in bulk for a variety of purposes.