Stairlifts Can Let a Person Use Their Entire House

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Stairlifts Can Let a Person Use Their Entire House

14 December 2021
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Stairs can be a real challenge to people who have mobility or balance issues. You might not realize it if you don't have those issues, but going up and down stairs takes a lot of mobility and balance. You have to be able to balance on one foot, shift all your weight on that foot, push up from or flex your angle, and then bend your knees to go up or down. For someone who has mobility or balance issues, that takes a lot of conscious thought to do, because you have to carefully place your foot and then think through the next part of the process. All of that can make upper or lower floors nearly inaccessible for some people. However, there are aids, like stairlifts that you can install that will help with that issue. 


A stairlift is like a roller coaster, in some ways. There is a track that the lift follows as it goes up and down the stairs. The person using the lift will sit down on the chair, push a button, and the lift will go up or down the track as necessary. The track can be built so that it will fit in with the stairs, whether they are one straight flight or there is a landing in the middle with stairs that change directions at the landing. Depending on the width of the stairs, the lift may have a seat that is permanently down, or the seat may be able to fold up so that it doesn't block the stairs. 

Stairlift Purchases

There are several places where you can acquire a stairlift. Part of what determines where you go to get it would be if your insurance is going to help cover the cost. If it is, then you would want to go through a durable medical goods pharmacy since they will be able to bill your insurance. You will have to talk to a contractor to install the stairs safely, but your insurance may also be able to help with that. If your insurance won't cover it, you may want to check with various online stores to see if you can find a store that offers stairlifts at a price you can afford. 

Stairlifts can make it a lot easier for people with mobility and balance issues to be able to use their entire house. That can be really important to a person, and make them feel like their life is more normal.  

if you're in the market for stairlifts, be sure to contact a local provider today.