Look For These Features When You Shop For A Power Wheelchair

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Look For These Features When You Shop For A Power Wheelchair

23 February 2023
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When you shop for a power wheelchair, you want to be sure that you're buying the right model for you. Not only do you want a chair that is comfortable, given that you'll likely be using it extensively throughout the day, but you also want a model that has several handy features. A medical equipment store that specializes in power wheelchairs will have lots of different models that you can evaluate to help find the right one for you. Here are three features that a lot of people want when they shop for a power wheelchair.


It's a good idea to choose a power wheelchair that offers a lot of storage space. This is particularly true if you're an independent person who will be running errands and going to appointments on your own. The more storage that is available, the easier it will be to carry what you need. Many power wheelchairs have storage space below the seat, pockets on each side, and other types of storage in other areas. Plenty of storage will allow you to complete tasks such as buying groceries without needing help from anyone else.


It's important to think about your safety when you're out and about in your power wheelchair. One simple feature to look for is a set of reflectors on the rear of the chair. They can make a big difference between ensuring that your chair is visible to motorists and being difficult to see. While you'll likely want to use sidewalks around your community as often as possible, there may be occasional times that you have to use the road — for example, when a parked vehicle is blocking the sidewalk. Reflectors on the rear of your wheelchair will give you the confidence to ride on the road safely.

Adjustable Armrests

You can expect that most power wheelchairs you find will have armrests, but not all of them will be adjustable. Choosing a model that is equipped with adjustable armrests is a decision that you'll appreciate countless times. Not only will you be able to set the height of the armrests so that you can sit comfortably, but you'll also have the ability to lower them out of the way at certain times. For example, lowering the chair's armrests will allow you to pull right up to a table for a meal. Non-adjustable armrests may impact your ability to do so.  

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